Who is a Company Secretary

An in-house legal expert.

A compliance officer of the Company.

An expert in corporate laws, securities laws & capital market and corporate governance.

Chief advisor to the board of directors on best practices in corporate governance.

Responsible for all regulatory compliances of company.

Corporate planner and strategic manager.

Role of a Company Sectretary

A Company Secretary being multidisciplinary professional renders services in the following areas:

Corporate Governance and Secretarial Services

Corporate Governance Services
Corporate Secretarial Services
Secretarial/ Compliance Audit and certification Services

Corporate Laws Advisory and Representation Services

Corporate Laws Advisory Services
Representation Services
Arbitration & Conciliation Services

Financial Market Services

Public Issue, listing and Securities Management
Takeover Code, Insider trading, Mergers & Amalgamation
Securities Compliance and Certification Services
Finance & Accounting Services
Taxation Services
International Trade & WTO Services

Management Services

General/ Strategic Management
Corporate Communication and Public Relations
Human Resources Management
Information Technology


Employment Prospects i.e. Company Secretary as a Career

A qualified Company Secretary has openings in Employment and as Practising Independent Professional

Company Secretary in Employment

1.Companies with a paid up share capital of Rs.5 crore or more are compulsorily required to appoint a whole-time Company Secretary under section 383A of Companies Act,1956.
2.All companies seeking listing on Stock Exchange are required to appoint a whole-time Company Secretary
3.Membership of the Institute is recognized for appointment to superior posts and services under Central Government
4.Membership of the Institute is a recognised qualification for recruitment from Grade I to Grade IV in the Accounts branch of the Indian Company Law Service.
5.Almost every kind of organization whose affairs are conducted by boards, councils or other association, federation, authority, commission or like , finds it useful to appoint a person who holds the qualification of Company Secretaries in key administrative position.


After obtaining a ‘Certificate of Practice’ from the Institute, Members of the Institute can go for Independent Practice.
1.Every company having a paid-up share capital of Rs. 10 Lakh or more but less than Rs. 5 Crore, is required to engage the services of a Secretary in Whole-time practice to obtain a compliance certificate.
2.Pursuant to Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, Practising Company Secretaries have been authorized to issue Certificate regarding compliance of conditions of Corporate Governance as stipulated in the Clause.
3.Practising Company Secretaries have also been recognized to appear before various Tribunals such as Company Law Board, Securities Appellate Tribunal, Competition Commission, Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal, Consumer Forums, Tax Tribunals etc.,
4.Recently the Reserve Bank of India has recognized the Practising Company Secretaries to undertake Diligence Report for Banks

Company Secretary as an independent professional

A Company Secretary in practice is recognized to issue certificates and attest documents inter alia under: •Companies Act, 1956
•SEBI Act, SCRA and regulations made there under Depositories Act, 1996
•Exim Policy etc.

Other Services

Company Secretaries in Practice also render services in the following areas:
1.Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance
2.Corporate Restructuring
3.Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures
4.Arbitration and Conciliation
5.Financial Management
6.Project Planning
7.Capital Market and Investor Relations
8.Due Diligence
9.Corporate Advisory Services