How to Study Cost and Management Accounting

Sequence of Studying Cost and Management Accounting

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If you are planning to study Cost and Management Accounting. Then I will suggest certain categories in which you can study the Same. Costing Paper can be divided into following Groups

Groups in Cost and Management Accounting

Group V Consisting of

1. Ratios
2. Common Size Statement and Comparative Statement
3. Cash Flow Statemet
4. Funds Flow Statement

Group W Consisting of

1. Cost Sheet
2. Reconciliation Statement
3. Integrated and Non-Integrated Costing
4. Job Batch Costing
5. Operating Costing
6. Machine hour rate (Part of Overhead Chapter)

Group X consisting of

1. Contract Costing
2. Process Costing
3. Joint and By-Product

Group Y consisting of

1. Overheads
2. Material
3. Labour

Group Z Consisting of

1. Budgetary Costing
2. Marginal Costing
3. Standard Costing

Sequence of Study

You can follow any of the Following Sequence

• V-----------W---->X----->Y----->Z
• Z----->X----->W---->Y----------V
• X----->Z----->W---->Y-----------V

You may follow any of the above sequence but Finish ONE GROUP at a time in the SEQUENCE mentioned within the Group

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How to study Cost and Management Accounting